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Traditionally, users of free social networks are content consumers, but more importantly, they are "products" for advertisers. At Republike, we're flipping this dynamic partly thanks to your subscriptions and your commitment in exchange for the AURE token.

Think of it as a digital asset reflecting Republike's success. When you use the platform, you add value by contributing to its activity and popularity. If the platform grows successfully, the demand for these tokens could increase, boosting their value. Our partner Kriptown created these AURE tokens as part of a funding operation, in exchange for an entry into Republike SAS's capital through its investment vehicle Vault. The AURE token is not Republike's capital but a utility token that allows us to share a part of the value created together. This is the first step towards our "Pay-to-own" model which will eventually allow users to become the true owners of Republike through the issuance of a proprietary token!

Obtaining AURE Tokens

As a paying user, you receive AURE tokens in exchange for your subscription.But that's not all. Republike also rewards its users for their contributions to the development and enrichment of the platform.

If you create engaging content, contribute to discussions, or help maintain a healthy and open environment on the platform (mindset, moderation), you will be rewarded weekly with AURE tokens for your contribution to Republike's quality.

The AURE token will also have uses (utilities). For now, it allows you to purchase (on the Kriptown platform) a year's subscription (24 AURE). But more utilities will be added over time.

What's Next

For now, these AURE tokens are like a hidden treasure, reserved for buying and selling to registered users on Republike. But imagine a future where everyone would want a piece of this treasure. If we open the market to outsiders, the demand for AURE tokens could significantly increase. This means the tokens you own today could be worth much more tomorrow.

Thus, intentionally illiquid at this stage due to the choice to keep the market closed during this early period (tokens accessible only to Republike users), it will become more liquid as we develop its utilities and the community grows.

The AURE token by Kriptown is not just a symbol. It represents a share in Republike's success. If Republike becomes a resounding success, those holding AURE tokens could potentially reap significant wealth.

In Short

The AURE token is not just a store of value linked to Republike's success; it's also a way to recognize and reward users' involvement in the platform. By actively participating in Republike, not only do you contribute to its success, but you also increase the value of your own investment through the accumulation of AURE tokens. It's a new approach that places users at the heart of the project, not just as content consumers but as true actors and beneficiaries of its success.

* Please note: for the moment, the AURE token is only available for the European Union.
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