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Republike on IphoneThe Attention Economy

The cost of Free

The current digital landscape is broken and we believe it is directly due to a business model that relies on exploiting users’ attention.

Our attention, commodified and auctioned to the highest bidder, fuels an economy that thrives on addiction and division. User engagement is designed to generate fast, repetitive and endless users’ reactions to keep us ‘connected’.

In the digital realm, ‘free’ is an illusion, a siren song. As the saying goes “If it’s free then you’re probably the product.” And the more we are connected, the higher the value.

Republike on Iphone
Republike on IphoneSocial Real Life Media

Shaping Cultures, Impacting Societies

For two decades, toxic dynamics have been sculpted by social media, driven by an economy that monetizes our attention at the cost of authentic human connection and cultural integrity.

• Polarization thrives unchecked
• Conversations turn violent
• Censorship looms large
• Echo chambers stifle diversity
• Easy content and poor quality standard
• Fake-news spread like wildfire
• Digital addictions escalate
• More isolation, depression, narcissism

Republike on Iphone
Republike on IphoneWeb3 is not enough

The crisis is not of technology but of ethos.

The promise of Web3, with its decentralized allure, is a stride forward, yet it falls short. It reshuffles the deck of revenue and governance but leaves the core issue untouched. Virality still trumps value, and the ‘creators’ economy’ is nothing but the attention economy rebranded.

Without a shift from commodification of information and attention to empowerment, freedom and creativity will remain stifled, and the future, dim.

Republike on Iphone
Republike on IphoneThe vision

Breaking away from the Profit-Centric paradigm

For two decades, global social media driven by the attention economy have sculpted our world, often at the expense of genuine human connection. Republike proposes a whole new design of social media.

Because what is good for a community is good for any of its members while not all individual choices are good for the community, we prioritize the common good to create long-term value for everyone. Our radical approach sets us apart from any other social media platforms whether they are web 2.0 or web3.

Republike on Iphone
Republike on Iphone100% Profit Sharing Social Media

Profit goes back to the right place – to the Users

Republike is the first 100% profit sharing Social Media, because the era of profit at any cost, of homogenized thought and ecological disregard, must end. In the age of AI and technological might, we can no longer afford to miss the point.

At Republike, profit goes back to its right place: an outcome, not a dogma. Here, your one and only value is celebrated and rewarded.

Republike on Iphone
Republike on IphoneTHE Pay-to-own model

Turning users from Product to Owners

Through its game-changer business model, Republike severs the ties between financial needs and user attention. For less than the price of a coffee each month, you gain ownership, decision-making power, and a share in the profits. You’re no longer the product; you’re a stakeholder, a visionary, a beneficiary.

Republike is an oasis free from ad intrusion and manipulative algorithms, where dialogue flourishes and creators truly own their content. It turns you from being a product into being an owner. This is the Pay-To-Own model.

Join Republike Beta • Become Stakeholder
Simplicity, Control and Rewards

Coming out of a Mental Fog

No data catching
Say no to targeted ads and opaque algorithms
Real ownership
Your subscription grants you value sharing AURE token in Republike
Embrace genuine self-moderation, mindset-centered by design
Bridging worlds
Uniting best of web 2.0 experience with web 3.0 tech
Full transparency
Regular live meetings and easy get in touch with founders
Direct rewards
Earn money and voting rights for your contributions to the Community
Engaging conversations
Talk of everything, beyond mainstream and conspiracy
Breaking echo chambers
Escape easily your filter bubble and diversify your feed
Real-time content
Stay informed with multi-source news and trending topics with our push engine
Algorithm transparency
Take control of your feed and content display
Republike on IphoneUsers testimonials

Join us if you’re concerned about authentic speech and real-world social interactions

user testimonial
Engaged Citizen
End of the era of attention, welcome to the era of intention. The experience of social network is enriched and rewarded.
user testimonial
Founding Citizen
What I love about Republike is that I can express an opinion without worrying that I'm going to get attacked, and it feels good!
user testimonial
Engaged Citizen
Every voice matters, users are valued for their real contribution rather than their ability to capture attention.
user testimonial
Founding Citizen
I didn't think I could feel so close on a social network to people I didn't know...
user testimonial
Founding Citizen
If it weren't for Republike, I would never have dared to make this type of comment. Thank you, Republike!
user testimonial
Founding Citizen
More than freedom of expression, it's a freedom of thought that Republike offers. Subtle, but it changes everything.
Republike on IphoneTimeline

Road to 100 Million Users

Up to 10k users
VERSIONRepublike on Iphone
Agora symbolizes the initial phase of the platform—a testing ground where users come together to shape the community, share ideas, and engage in open dialogue.
Up to 1m users
VERSIONRepublike on Iphone
Expansion and establishment in the European market, embracing the diverse cultures, languages, and traditions of Europe while fostering a sense of community and shared values.
Up to 100m users
VERSIONRepublike on Iphone
The Liberty phase signifies both expansion of the platform in the U.S and a definitive break from the attention economy that enslaves people interactions.
to the sky and beyond
VERSIONRepublike on Iphone
A mature phase where users worldwide come together, transcending differences to create a peaceful and cohesive community to foster respect and cooperation among users.
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Visitor Citizen

Plan 12
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  • Perk not includeFree access for 1 year
  • Perk not includex1 token $AURE
  • Perk not includex2 Voting Power
  • Perk not includex2 Future profit sharing
  • Perk not includeFounding Citizen badge
  • Perk not includeFounder perks
Limited to 10K

Founding Citizen

Plan 12
  • Perk includex1 Year free access
  • Perk includex1 $AURE Tokens
  • Perk includex2 Voting power in governance
  • Perk includex2 Profit sharing
  • Perk includeFounding Citizen badge
  • Perk not includeFounding Father perks
  • Perk not includeLive events with founders
€24 / year
Limited to 1K

Founding Father

Plan 12
  • Perk includeLifetime free access
  • Perk includex10 $AURE Tokens
  • Perk includex4 Voting power in governance
  • Perk includex4 Profit sharing
  • Perk includeFounding Father badge
  • Perk includeLive events with founders
  • Perk not includeCouncil Father perks
€240 / lifetime
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