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Turning users from Products to Owners.

Overthrow the Big Tech Model that Rules Us
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Turning users from Products to Owners

Ever wondered why Zuckerberg is so wealthy? It’s time to dethrone the kings of Big Tech! At Republike, we flip the power back in your hands for just $1 a month.

You are not anymore the product; you become an owner, a valued part of a community where everyone’s speech matters, and your content remains yours.

Republike is the first of a new kind of social media platform challenging the tyranny of Big Tech. It turns you from being the product into being an owner.

We the people matter

Your Voice matters
Your Content is yours

Republike is a sanctuary where your content is yours, and your engagement matters.

Open, respectful and uplifting discourse is the bedrock of any thriving community. Regardless of your viewpoints, Republike promises a platform where your voice resonates.

Republike is a platform free from intrusive ads and algorithms, where open dialogue is encouraged and content is owned by the creator.


Crush Big Tech,
Own Your Network

Your $1 per month subscription lets you become an owner of Republike.

It is not only about ruining Big Tech’s game but also earning tangible rewards for your contributions while shaping the future of social interactions by aligning individuals empowerement to the Common Good of the Community.


Redefining User Experience by bridging web2.0 and web3

No Data catching
Say no to targeted ads and opaque algorithms
Real Ownership
Your subscription grants you actual shares in Republike
Embrace genuine self-moderation, mindset-centered by design
Bridging Worlds
Uniting best of web 2.0 experience with web 3.0 tech
Full Transparency
Regular live meetings and easy get in touch with founders
Direct Rewards
Earn money and voting rights for your contributions to the Community
Engaging Conversations
Talk of everything, beyond mainstream and conspiracy
Breaking Echo Chambers
Escape easily your filter bubble and diversify your feed
Real-time Content
Stay informed with multi-source news and trending topics with our push engine
Algorithm Transparency
Take control of your feed and content display

This isn’t just joining a platform - it’s being part of a revolutionary movement. Something huge is on the way. If you feel concerned about social media and global social interactions don’t miss out.

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We’re rewarding the early Community by sharing the value delivered through our upcoming token

This is your chance to be part of a revolutionary movement that challenges Big Tech and empowers users as owners.
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