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Freedom has a Price

A Business Model
to Free Them All

Time to Make a Major Choice

I ] Accept consciously to give your personal data for free.
Why not, you just have to be aware of it and evaluate honestly the consequences. 


II ] Resist and take a real part in the design and the construction of a new model of social platforms

Let’s be straight to the point. We have thought of many models, we tested them and their upstream and downstream financial and social implications. We are now convinced that if we really want to get rid of this “top-down” system and of the hypertargeting imposed by the Big Tech companies, the paid subscription model is the only credible path to offer an alternative powerful enough to truly overturn the established order.

It is important to realize that there is nothing new in this idea. After all, we’ve long gotten used to paying for everything:

• Music Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music…
• Video Netflix, Prime video, AppleTV…
• Press The New York Times, Washington Post…
• All kinds of apps How many of them do we use only once a year or never?

Everything global, absolutely everything has to be paid since it has a cost. Everything except, paradoxically, the most powerful media ever, the most able to condition us at the root of our minds, deprive us of our freedom and make us real addicts: social networks.

And the reason they have such power of conditioning and alienation is precisely because they can afford to be « free » by selling our personal data and using it against us to trick us to buy again and again and obey to their triggers.

It may be time to think about what this notion of « Free » actually covers…

Overthrow the old regime

To be fully virtuous and fit into our inclusive vision, the subscription model must meet 3 intangible conditions:

- Do not exclude anyone and therefore be affordable by anyone. We believe that the entrance fee should not exceed 1 USD per month on a yearly basis.

#02 - The platform must be co-managed by the community.

#03 - Ultimately, allows users to truly own the platform.

Republike simply intends to free users of the algo-shaped world (ads, vicious targeting, polarization), give them their data back as well as offering a unique, true, safe, outstanding freedom of speech with radically innovative tools for the annual cost of a dozen of Coke cans or a ticket of cinema instead of giving access to our whole lives to big techs.