Pillars for a Republike

Constitution and

Continuously improved Constitution voted with the Citizens of Republike

It is obvious today that if users were reading the Term of Services [TOS] of existing social networks, most of them would never sign up.

On Republike, the power is truly given back to the users, from A to Z. The only intangible DNA is shaped in the 8 Core Founding Principles of which the 1st one, « Minsdet over Content » is the cornerstone. These 8 pillars are the foundation of the Constitution.

Republike’s Constitution is of two parts:
• The Intangible Principles, C.O.M.M.U.N.I.S.
• The Terms of Services [TOS]

Unlike all the other global social platforms, most of the TOS will be put to the vote of the Community and agreed on a pure democratic basis. The event will happen BEFORE the opening. Afterward, the Constitution will be improved on a regular basis through the Republike’ Governance system (soon a DAO designed to be democratic and meritocratic) and live « Agoras » monthly meetings between the Community and the team.

By this mechanism, we aim to ensure that the Community will take part in the core decisions and remain master of its Destiny. More to come soon on this major topic.

The eight intangible principles

Republike is based on eight principles which are the DNA of the project: C.O.M.M.U.N.I.S. Which, for our Latin ancestors who conceived the ideal of the Republike, means « common ».

Common good, common interests, common passions but also common fears or common struggles calls for a common platform of discussion, a safe container where people could talk, exchange, laugh, cry, build and learn without being limited by dogmas, sectarianism, free cynicism, and demagogy.

Our clear ambition is to make the social media culture enter into a new era and avoid the mistakes of the actual global social networks which had and are having a more and more negative impact on the “real world”, exploiting users’ data and threatening freedom of speech as well as the mere willingness to discuss and act collectively.

Our core assumption is that we can talk of anything with a good mindset, but nothing with a bad one. Therefore, mindset control is more important than content censorship.

Constructive mindset, no censorship.

The Core Principle and essential requirement for Republike’ Citizens is to demonstrate a positive mindset and a willingness to participate in exchanges and discussions in an open non judgmental manner. When there is open-mindedness, humility is possible. Where there is real humility, violence and hatred are not possible and we can learn from others or just have fun with them. Anyone on Republike stay open-minded and humble. And that certainly does not mean that we can't be kindly cynical / ironic or make jokes. If everyone sticks to this Principle, we don’t need to censor anything. And that’s our purpose.

Opinions aren’t dictated by algorithms

Republike doesn't lock down users in algorithmic bubbles. It means that the recommended content and news feeds are not determined by obscure algorithms and that algorithms are easily configurable by users and open source. Users are invited to actively visit the pages, share contents and participate in the dissemination and discussion of ideas between themselves even having opposing views, not constrained by judgment or algorithms.

Makers, explorers, creative and open minded people are valued on Republike

Whether it is an opinion, a piece of art, a specific knowledge or music, the Citizens of Republike are encouraged to share original content and thoughts which can appeal to others and help to revive the spirit of curiosity and discovery that was the original dream of the Internet in its prime. This is favored by content and users’ rewarding system as well as by a brand new type of revolutionary Governance that aims to uplift each Citizen as individual as well as human being. It has been designed from scratch as if we were to build it for a newly created country full of hope

Merge with a community

The users are encouraged to participate on a regular basis to events, evaluation of content, Agoras and Governance in order to directly influence the evolution of the platform, are rewarded for their contribution and fully integrate a creative online community.

Unity around shared values

Republike isn't just another social media platform. It is truly a proposal for a whole new global model of Social Media. By ensuring privacy protection, algorithms transparency, valuation of content, open discussions and participation of users - even those with zero technical skills - in the improvement of the platform, Republike aims to gather and unites its Citizens around a basic and essential set of values: responsibility, altruism, respect, creativity and resistance to algocracy. These values are designed in a smart voting, moderating and rewarding system which involves users and gives them the key of the kingdom instead of controlling them.

Negativity is unwelcome

Whether you are full of hatred, idolizing censorship, speech control or a dogma lover, full of unmovable certitudes and eruptive over sensibility, Republike is not for you. Here, you don't troll, insult or deliberately try to offend others because the platform is mindset-centric designed with whole new features making that impossible for such mindsets to stay long on the platform. Nor do you stalk or annoy others to impose your personal views on political correctness. You expect to share, debate smartly, have fun and maybe… become a better person. Let the judgmental part of your subjectivity outside as much as you can. Features will be strongly supportive of this goal. And if some of us change their minds from time to time, it will mean that we have learned and Republike will have achieved one of its main goals.

Ideas can change and are not defining us

If you were born into a family where there were cool cats, chances are you like cats (and maybe not dogs). Here, keep in mind that algorithms are dumb: if you love cats, they'll always show you cats. Do you want to stay locked in there? It's the same process for religions, political views, music, dresses, football teams, etc. Republike IS NOT a political platform. It is a new way of social networking. But if you're a Democrat and think it's impossible to have a cool talk with a Republikean (and vice versa) and even possibly be friends, this platform IS NOT for you. Let's take a fresh start!

Safe users’ data

We consider that personal data and content are the property of users. We don’t collect it and we’ll never use it without user’s validation and certainly NEVER for advertising of any kind. We assert that this business model has messed up the whole social media landscape as well as part of the « real » world ».

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